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Seal Skin Waterproof Knee Length Socks

Mid weight, mid length waterproof sock perfect for a multitude of activities and conditions where an...

NRS HydroSkin 0.5 Wetsock

Product Details Protect your feet and keep them warm without the bulk of other wetsocks. NRS Hydr...

Seal Skin Ultra Grip Gauntlet Gloves

The original, totally waterproof, windproof and breathable, close-fitting stretch knit gloves, incor...

Hiko Nylon Race Pogies

Very light nylon paddle pads. The cuts are designed in a 3D shape so that there is sufficient spa...

Enth Degree F3 Socks

This is a lot more than just a sock. It is a sock that utilizes our trilaminate material, so it’s su...

Adrenalin 2P Thermal socks

DESCRIPTION The Adrenalin 2P Thermo Shield Thermal Socks don't hold water, are rapid drying, an...

Shark Skin Chill Proof Pogies - Extra Small / Youth size

$65.00 $35.00
Your bodies extremities lose heat rapidly so need protection from the cold. Pogies wrap around your ...


Hiko SLIM Neoprene Gloves Thin gloves made of 2.0mm Neospan. The material is very flexible, so th...

Paddlerzone 3mm Neoprene Pogies

Rasdex and Paddlerzone have worked together to create a simple, not too expensive way to keep your h...

Cove Gloves

A full-fingered version of our popular Boater's Gloves, the NRS Cove Gloves are purpose-built for ma...

NRS Rogue Gloves with HydroCuff

The perfect blend of warmth and flexibility, the NRS Rogue Glove is ideal for any type of watersport...

NRS Pogies Mambas

  Product Details NRS Mamba Pogies give you the ultimate thermal protection for paddling ...
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