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NRS Endurance Jacket

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The waterproof, windproof NRS Endurance Jacket lets you paddle in comfort, even in windy, splashy co...

NRS Endurance Splash Pants

$190.00 $152.00
In Stock
Made from our ultra breathable, waterproof 2.5 HyproTex fabric, the NRS Endurance Pants are comfo...

SharkSkin Chillproof Short Sleeve Womens

In Stock
This short sleeve top is for when the conditions dictate or arm manoeuvrability is a priority. It us...

Classic 2oz Open Neck Cag

In Stock
This cag was developed especially for New Zealand paddlers. It suits multisport paddling in particul...

Rasdex Splash Pants

In Stock
They were originally designed for the kayak fishing market, having a good fully adjustable high wais...

SharkSkin Chillproof Vest Mens

In Stock
Designed for water sports enthusiasts who demand maximum manoeuvrability without sacrifi...

Hiko Ronwe splash pants

In Stock
Hiko RONWE Paddle Pants Paddle pants designed for recreational paddling. RONWE are made of durabl...

Adrenalin 2P Thermo Long Pants

In Stock
2P Thermo LONG PANTS   Act like a second skin...

NRS Rio Top

In Stock
This lightweight Rio™ Top excels in protecting you at a value-oriented price. Wear it over insula...

SharkSkin Chillproof Pogies - Universal size

In Stock
Your bodies extremities lose heat rapidly so need protection from the cold. Pogies wrap around your ...

Fuse Gloves

In Stock
Looking for extra warmth and blister protection for cool-weather paddling? NRS Fuse Gloves delive...

Hiko Pilgrim

In Stock
Hiko PILGRIM Paddle Jacket Paddle jacket suitable for recreational paddling, rafting and fishing...
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