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Rail Blaza TracPort Dash 350

In Stock
The TracPort Dash 350 turns one StarPort into three. Supplied with the StarPort Bridge Support for a...

Hiko Saluki

In Stock
Hiko SALUKI Buoyancy Aid A Canoe Slalom PFD designed with maximum performance in mind. Lightweigh...

Hiko Stamina

In Stock
This PFD is designed for long run enthusiasts. Built on very successful model of SALUKI, STAMINA is ...

Hiko Guardian 2019

In Stock
Hiko GUARDIAN Buoyancy Aid Serious gear for serious white water. Developed in cooperation with th...

Hiko Cinch with harness

In Stock
Hiko CINCH Buoyancy Aid (with Harness) Comfortable low cut buoyancy aid designed for sea kayakin...

Hiko Paladin Neoprene neck

In Stock
Hiko PALADIN Paddle Jacket Neoprene Neck Hiko’s best Dry Top is made of a breathable material wit...

Hiko Rogue

In Stock
Hiko ROGUE Paddle Jacket This paddle jacket is made of durable and breathable material suitable f...

Hiko Snappy

In Stock
Hiko SNAPPY Paddle Pants Paddle pants designed for recreational paddling and white water. SNAPPY ...

Hiko Bayard pants

In Stock
Hiko Bayard paddle pants Top of the line paddling pants, designed for the most extreme conditions...

Hiko Quatro Drysuit

In Stock
Hiko QUATRO Drysuit A drysuit designed for white water use and for extreme conditions. It ...

Hiko Baby

In Stock
Hiko BABY Buoyancy Aid Life jacket for children, suitable even for non-swimmers. It is fitted wi...

Palm Atom Drysuit

In Stock
Atom Dry Suit The best of our team-proven Atom jacket made into a new‚ simpler‚ tougher white...
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