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Drain Bung for Dagger, Wavesport and Liquid Logic kayaks

If you have a Dagger, Wavesport or Liquid Logic white water kayak and used to have a bung in the bac...

Dagger Axiom replacement seat slide disc

The Dagger Axiom is a modern classic white water kayak. They have a great comfortable outfitting ...

Dagger Hip Pad set for Contour Ergo outfitting

Here are the replacement hip pads which come out of the Dagger USA Contour Ergo outfitting equiped k...

Dagger Stratos 14.5 L

Designed to excel in surf, rock gardens and open water paddling, but just as at home on tidal e...

Dagger Rewind

The next kayaks from Dagger are due approx October 2021. We cannot gaurantee you a kayak without a p...

Dagger RPM MAX

The RPM MAX is back!  Whatever you want the letters to stand for – Radical Play Ma...

Dagger Code

The Dagger Code Whitewater Kayak is new creek boat / river runner from Dagger that is succ...

Dagger Phantom

The Phantom is the latest high-performance model to join the ranks of the Mamba, The Green Boat and ...

Dagger Jitsu

Here is Daggers latest play machine. Dagger JITSU  OVERVIEW Tested and approved b...

Dagger Nomad Medium (Newmad)

The most legendary creek boat ever made, period. Consistency. Reliability. Durability. Th...

Dagger Katana

A crossover kayak that truly excels in any water, the Katana was designed to inspire confi...

Dagger Nomad Small

Some classics live forever. Consistency. Reliability. Durability. These are just some of ...
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