The Yak High Back 60N Buoyancy aid is Ideal for recreational and touring paddling. As the names suggest this buoyancy aid has a mesh back panel and higher foam placement so that it doesn't get in the way of your backrest making it ideal for sit on top kayakers and touring kayaks that have higher back rests. This design and fit of this PFD ensure you get maximum comfort whilst using the High Back and is becoming a firm favourite in our store.

The Highback is fully featured buoyancy aid with well positioned extra large front pockets for whatever you need to take with you on the water, attachment points on the front and on both shoulders, with twin waist and shoulder adjustment allowing you to get a snug comfortable fit, Yak have also included a breathable air mesh for improved airflow and extra comfort in the warmer months. The picture below shows the key features of the highback in detail, this buoyancy aid is available in two colours red and Navy Blue and two sizes Small/ Medium and Large/ XXL both have generous amounts of adjustments and easy to fit different size paddlers quickly and safely. 

Yak High Back Key Features

  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Twin waist adjustment
  • Multiple attachment points 
  • Extra-large front pockets
  • High back buoyancy for increased comfort when using a seat
  • Breathable mesh lower back and internal lining for better air flow
  • Reflective highlights

HighBack 60N Size Guide


High Back Size

Body Weight

Chest Size

Minimum Buoyancy

Small/ Medium (Blue only)

40 -70 kgs | 80 -154 lbs
86 - 107cm | 34" - 42"

Large/ Extra Extra Large (Red only)

Greater than 70kg
107 - 137cm | 42 - 56"
60 N


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