For the bigger bolder and more adventurous paddler. The Contour/Paddler 480 is a slightly longer and faster touring kayak, making it the next step up from the Contour/Paddler 450. If the Paddler 450 is too small for you, here is the answer.

It has been designed with long distance cruising and expeditions in mind, but is happy and allows you to explore the secrets and wonders that the great lakes and bays of the world have to offer. This is a great first kayak for a bigger person.

Additional features include dual channel tracking on the hull which provides improved hydrodynamics and smoother performance through the water. Lots of storage area in the bow and stern and even places on your deck for maps, GPS, guide books etc. A great kayak for mild rivers and sheltered waters or even that long scenic overnight excursion.

A rudder as standard plus plenty of storage space and stability give this kayak everything you need.

The default freight charges of $12 or $14 for rural does not apply to kayaks. Please contact us for a quote.

Colour choices include : Yellow, Orange 

Width // 62cm
Weight // 27kg
Max Load // 200kgs



Front hatch // 50L
Rear hatch // 75L

Colour choice subject to stock available at the time.


Available in 4.8 Meters or the smaller version being the  Paddler 450 (4.5 meters long)

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