K-GEAR Buoyancy Bag - Rear Split 20l

Prevent your kayak from lost and damage. When taking an unplanned swim your kayak can fill with water and can suffer major damage or can be totally lost. All kayaks that don't have watertight bulkheads to prevent sinking (white water kayaks, slalom kayaks, mutlisport kayaks and some touring kayaks) need buoyancy bags / air bags to keep them afloat in the case of wet exiting. It is a good idea to use buoyancy bags for both ends of your boat.

Buoyancy Bags come in variety of shapes and sizes: full size rear, full size front, split rear and split front so choose the correct ones suitable for your kayak.

Volume: 20L

After all 1 litre of water is 1 kilogram in weight. Most creek boats are in the region of 300 litres. This means 300kg of water can be in your kayak making it hard to move and rescue.

With 2x 20 litre air bags in the stern (and 15 Litre ones in the bow) it will make your water filled kayak more manageable and more likely to be recovered without further incident.

The material used for the air bags are fantasticly strong and reliable with a fabric reinforced plastic and comes with an attachment cord to ensure they don't come out of your kayak.

The measure 85cm by 30cm when inflated.

Ideal for most slicy tailed kayaks such as Axioms, Braaps, Mullets, Inazones, RPM's, Antics, up to creek boats such as Nomads, Burns, Zens, Diesels and too many more to mention.


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