So what’s the best all around paddle for whitewater boating? Is there one blade, preferably foam core, that you can use for play boating or creeking, and will not break the bank? Or just not break? 
 As you know, there really is no “best paddle“. A lot of the decision making process depends on the paddlers wants and needs. BUT…if you were going to choose a paddle that “does it all“, has a foam core, is incredibly durable and is also reasonably priced, the AT Eddy and Eddy Flexi would surely have to be on the top of the list. There are not many sub $750 paddles that have a feature list like the Eddy and Eddy Flexi does. What other company offers a 40 oz. composite bent shaft, tried and true blade shape of an AT2 (with some good buoyancy), Dynell edging and the kind of versatility that would allow you to Creek in the AM, and then go surf at in the afternoon? Here’s you answer…
We have 197cm , 200cm Eddy Flexi's on hand ready to go
Postage cost will depend on your location, so let us know where you are. and we will work out the best way to get it to you.

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