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Here is a new paddle for the smaller built paddlers wanting a good quality paddle for endurance racing. It is a 2 piece paddle allowing length adjustment(205cm to 215cm) and offset angle to suit the paddler and being 2 piece fits in the boot, gearbag etc and a lot easier without being too heavy to paddle with. 

The latest shape is J wing blade with a curve to the blade which we are calling a J wing paddle, they area great first wing racing blade. The length is suited to most medium to smaller sized paddlers, with longer paddles catching more river bed in shellow water situations and wearing you down leaving you fatigued quicker. It is called a J-wing as the outside edge resembles a ā€œJā€ shape.

These paddles are not tipped. New Zealand and the Coast to Coast race in particular is the only place in the world which requires them, however we can show you different ways to ensure you get a good long life out of your blades. Many top paddlers prefer paddles without tips as the tips bend and damage the composite material around the tip and are harder to repair. Just remember they are paddles, not push sticks and looking after gear means the gear looks after you.

The Adventure Zone J-wing

Length (tip to tip) = 205cm to 215cm

Blade Length = 48.5cm

Blade Width = 15.5cm

Blade Area = 700cm2

Blade material = Carbon Fibre

Shaft material = Carbon Fibre

These paddles are a racing paddle to be used on flat water or grade 2, Coast to Coast at the highest level, they are not suited to grade 3 white water or above 

The default freight charges of $12 or $14 for rural does not apply to paddles. Please contact us for a quote.

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