We got asked by K-Gear what we needed for Multi-Sport kayaks and air bags for them.

We came up with a long thin air bag made of a material that is stronger than your average air bags and more likely to survive for longer with a fabric weave reinforcing in the material.

They are approx 135 cm long, 20cm wide at the bottom stern end and 32cm at the top seat end when inflated approximately 35L+. 

We have had them made to be long and thin and to take up as much room in in the stern of your multisport kayak so if you were to come out your kayak would not hold as much water making it float and quicker to get back up to speed with less water having to be emptied out.

2 air bags are compulsary equipment for the Coast to Coast race for kayaks without sealed compartments, however the bigger is better, 

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