Feelfree JUNTOS

Recreational sit-on kayak

The Feelfree Juntos packs utility and performance into one package. With additional space for a child or pet, this kayak is perfect for the paddler who wants to bring along a partner every now and then. It’s also a great solo kayak and includes our Wheel in the Keel for easy transport on your own as well as a pair of rod holders for those times when you just want to sneak off to a fishing spot by yourself.


Standard Features:
Deluxe seat
Bow seat pad
Rubber hatch
Drink bottle holer
Moulded in handles
Recessed fittings
Moulded in paddle park
Drain plug
Wheel in the Keel

Technical data

Length 340 cm
Width 77 cm
Weight 21 kg
Number of persons 1 + 1
Maximum load 180 kg

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