Safari is an inflatable kayak with a self-bailing floor - great for surf and rivers.

That was a fun run! Just take a look at Marek’s face. He has just pulled out of one of the most scenic European runs on the Soca River. This one was Gr.2 whitewater with nice open rapids and boulder gardens ending with stunning views of the Slovenian Alps. Marek is a recreational kayaker and on this run he enjoyed Safari’s self-bailing floor. He did not have to stop and drain the kayak after every single rapid. On the contrary he was hitting the big waves right in the middle and was smiling all the way down. He kept dry sitting on his raised inflatable seat with a comfortable back rest.

Next time Marek’s thinking he will take his kayak on an overnight trip with his mates. His camping gear will fit inside a 70 litre dry bag supplied with the kayak that he will secure in the rear under the elastic ropes..

Due into New Zealand approx September / October 2021

SAFARI includes:
inflatable seat with back rest • adjustable foot rest • thigh braces • elastic rope at rear • pump • 70l dry bag / backpack • skeg (tracking fin) • repair kit • owner’s manual.

Available colours: 
• red/grey

Length 330 cm
Width 80 cm
Weight 12.0 kg
Tube diameter 23 x 17 cm
Number of persons 1
Maximum load 130 kg
Number of air chambers 3 + 1 + 2
Maximum air pressure 0.02 MPa / 0.2 Bar / 3.0 PSI
Packed dimensions 53 x 38 x 24 cm
Packed volume 50 l


Used Materials
1100Dtex Polyester fabric with coating of NITRILON® 

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