We have got some quality 4 piece paddles in with a Dihedral of the front edge of the blade

They have a Carbon shaft and break down into 4 pieces.

Each blade end join has a pop pin and the centre join has a clamp and spiggot joint which allows up to a 10cm length increase adjustment

Fiberglass blade construction gives you a compromise between swing weight and value The blades measure 18cm x 46cm

Being a 4 piece it packs down small with the longest section 74cm long, so perfect for those with limited space. Total weight is only 860 grams

This paddle is more of a high angle (high top hand with the blade verticle or near verticle through the water straight down the side of the kayak) but can be used at medium to low angles also (low is are low hands chest to deck with low hands and the paddle which comes out in wide arc)

This paddle is perfect who is short of space, such as Campervans with Inflatables or Pack rafters but the paddle is designed for flat or gentle features and wouldn’t go into white water above grade 2.

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