A whitewater icon re-defined. Introducing the next generation Strutter with vast improvements to fit and performance.
Our brand new LFT shell technology (Long Fiber Thermoplastic) offers an awesome combination of elasticity and rigidity, which is exactly what you need for impact protection in a low volume helmet. The rigid internal carbon fiber frontal shell that strengthens the helmet covers your temples, and due to its 3D shape, provides an incredible fit. The baseball cap style shell protects the face from impacts, water splashes, and sun glare. We’ve also engineered a special version of our OCCIGRIP tensioning system. The two incredibly tough Polyamide legs are securely fixed to the carbon fiber shell, which together provides protection and an amazing adjustable fit.

1. LFT: Long-Fiber Thermoplastic Composite
2. CRP: The Carbon fiber Reinforced Polymer Shell
3. EVA: Shock Absorbing Liner

Size on Special, M/L (56-59cm)
Weight: 400g

We have one M/L Lime helmet on Special. Please check your head diameter before ordering

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