When we started designing our multisport PFD, our goal was to make it the best one available. We asked Sportzhub readers what they found good and bad about their existing PFD's, and what they'd like to see in their ideal one. We tested the outcome of this feedback with several high profile local multisporters, made many tweaks as suggested, and believe we've now come up with a winning package.

This is the only PFD you'll find designed to such a high spec and ready to go. All other multisport PFDs on the market end up being modified by the top athletes to add the bits they need, such as a block to hold the tubes in the right place for drinking while paddling. We knew ours was finally ready when the common reaction from every paddler we asked was 'looks like you've done everything, I wouldn't have to add anything at all!'


Basic Features:

  • Highly adjustable, single adult size fits most.
  • Single colour-way (blue - please note picture does not show current colour)
  • Tough yet lightweight ripstop fabric.
  • Exceeds minimum buoyancy standard of 55N as per NZ 5823:2005.
  • Soft, comfortable foam that can be easily replaced if ever necessary.


Advanced Features:

  • Race design cut specifically to enable maximum freedom of movement.
  • Large side buckle allows for very quick transitions without risk of zip malfunction. No need to worry about which way round the buckle goes, can be fastened either way. Asymmetrical front design ensures correct angle of strap through buckle.
  • Routing for bladder tube over either shoulder or around right side.
  • Supplied with foam block and elastic loops to route up to 3 drinking tubes from bladder, drinks bottle and boat. Block can be cut down smaller if you like but will hold tubes in correct drinking position for most people as supplied. No need to push tubes up through block, design allows for them to be inserted from front.
  • Neoprene front centre pocket for Leppin or other drinks bottle.
  • Additional short centre pocket & elastic to hold longer items e.g. bars, bananas.
  • Two elasticated mesh pockets including key clip. Larger pocket can be held out by an open ‘tub’ or cut bottle for very quick access to food if desired.
  • Removable bungee cord on back to carry extra clothing or equipment for adventure racing.
  • Reflective tab on back doubles as loop to attach a light.
  • Bladder pocket made from light-coloured fabric to minimise heat absorption.
  • Hook within bladder pocket for bladder attachment.
  • Padded shoulder straps cut to minimise rubbing on neck and maximise comfort when portaging.
  • Smooth bottom edge to minimise friction against spraydeck.


This PFD has already been called 'the most efficient, comfortable, user friendly multisport PFD on the market'. Now you too can have the benefits of the combined wisdom of many top class athletes, without any of the after-market fixes that have previously been necessary to make multisport PFDs do everything you need them to for real racing and training.

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