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Mission 3m Tow Pouch

This tow pouch is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to tow another paddler in an emergency. It...

COBRA HH350 Floating VHF Radio

COBRA HH350 Floating VHF Radio Backed by 40 years of Cobra quality, this unique compact floating ...

ACR ResQlink 400 PLB plus GPS

$599.00 $459.00
In Stock
  A vital part of any safety kit The new ACR ResQLink 400 Advanced Floating PLB ...

Cobra MR HH600W Floating with GPS

Weight 11.6 oz (329g.) Height 5.71" (131mm) Width 2....

Hiko Cone Throw bag

Hiko CONE+ Throw Bag 15m and 20m Conical shaped Throw Bag for fast action. Large opening of the c...

WRSI Current / Current Pro replacement liner

Charging technical lines and hucking falls leaves even the best paddlers sweating. When the inside o...

Paddlerzone Survival bags

In Stock
This single Survival Bag is an absolute essential for any adventure. It's designed to provide bas...

Gear Aid Akua paddle rescue knife

The Akua River Knife features a blunt tip and attaches easily and securely to your PFD lash tab, dec...

Rescue Sling Tubeular tape 26mm

The most useful piece of rescue kit you can carry on you. some of its many uses include Tow...

Palm Snake Sling

In Stock
The new Snake Sling is a versatile piece of safety kit‚ which will do the job of; • prussik • towi...

8mm Dyneema Throw bag rope

Here is the replacement rope for your old throwbag It is Yellow Dyneema and floats and is strong ...

6mm Dyneema rope

No Stock
Here is the thinner Dyneema rope being the 6mm in yellow 6mm = 2,00 Kilo average break ...
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