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COBRA HH350 Floating VHF Radio

COBRA HH350 Floating VHF Radio Backed by 40 years of Cobra quality, this unique compact floating ...

Paddlerzone Tow Tether (cow tail)

In Stock
Here is a cheap, bright coloured safety tool for many rescue situations, from paddle recovery to ...

Hiko 20m Throw bag

Rescue Throw Bag for fast action. Accurate, and fast to re-coil. In-built flotation foam. Highly vis...

WRSI S-turn Elbow pads

Paddlers have a new weapon in the battle against immovable objects. Named for the classic rapid on t...

Hiko Rescue Knife NTEC

Hiko Rescue KNIFE NTEC Hiko Rescue Knife NTEC is a sturdy lightweight knife with a dual de...

HF Weasel Throwbag

Weasel Throwbag An amazingly versatile throwbag in an absolute minimum size. The Weasel even fits...

WRSI Current / Current Pro replacement liner

Charging technical lines and hucking falls leaves even the best paddlers sweating. When the inside o...

Adventurezone Watersport helmet

The Watersport helmet is very light and comfortable. Inbuilt adjusting system offers great flexibili...

Fox 40 Epic

Product Details Warn motor boats or signal distress from up to a mile away with the Fox 40 Epik...

Gurney Goo 10ml

$6.95 $5.95
Anti-friction, Anti-blister, Anti-chafing, Anti-septic, lubricating goop Prevention is better tha...

Cobra MR HH600W Floating with GPS

Weight 11.6 oz (329g.) Height 5.71" (131mm) Width 2....

Gear Aid Akua paddle rescue knife

The Akua River Knife features a blunt tip and attaches easily and securely to your PFD lash tab, dec...
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