All hires are without transport. The kayaks must be collected from Paddlerzone 311b Blenheim road and returned to us at the same address

A credit card number is needed to hire and this is held as a bond and returned to you after the hired equipment is checked back in to us and inspected. Visa / Mastercard debits cards are not accepted

We have a roofbox avaliable for hire – Click Here

Sea Kayaks include a spraydeck, buoyancy aid, paddle, bilge pump and paddle float.
Sit on Tops include a buoyancy aid and paddle.
Multisport kayaks are hired with a spraydeck, buoyancy aid, wing or standard sea paddle, air bags (always included) and cradles if required.
No white water kayaks available at this stage

Gear (buoyancy aids, helmets, etc) may also be hired alone 

The prices in the chart do not include the $25 cleaning fee that is charged per rental period per kayak if the kayak is returned in a state where you could not put it straight back onto the shelf. Salt, mud / sand and footprints inside are the common ones charged for. If you take the kayak into the sea or pool water only and clean it well enough to be put back on the shelf, then the $25 dollars is returnable. If the kayak has been into a fresh water the $25 for the materials and time required to Didymo clean will be charged unless you wash with soap and water

If you are wanting to Demo a kayak prior to purchasing: you can try a range of kayaks before buying you may hire as many different models as you please over a three month period (up to two days per hire period count towards this offer) and have the rental total deducted from the final purchase price (cleaning fees are not included in the amount to be deducted).

Coast to Coast season from Feb 1 to the Sunday after the coast to coast, all kayaks intended for use for C2C training are $100 per day for all days with or without equipment, whether they are used or not (to cover the period of the race $500 will be required). We recommend that you bring your own paddle and gear, so that all you have to get acquainted with is the kayak and the river, but we can help you out with whatever we have. Accessories should be booked in advance if you need something in particular.

With Gear Days 1 & 2 Days 3 & 4 Days 5 - 10 Days 11+
Sea Kayak (Rotomoulded) 75 65 55 45
Barracuda and Racing - single 95 85 75 65
Sit on Tops 75 70 60 50
Sit on Tops - Double & Fishing 90 80 70 60
Nomad Inflatable Raft 100 90 80 70
Without Gear Days 1 & 2 Days 3 & 4 Days 5 - 10 Days 11+
Sea Kayak 50 40 30 30
Barracuda and Racing 80 70 60 50
Sit on Tops 65 55 45 40
Sit on Tops - Double & fishing 75 65 55 50
Nomad inflatable Raft 80 70 60 50
Gear Only Days 1 & 2 Days 3 & 4 Days 5 - 10 Days 11+
Paddle Specalist 25 20 15 15
Paddle Basic 15 10 8 8
Paddle Split 20 15 15 10
Spraydeck 15 15 10 10
Buoyancy Aid 15 15 10 10
Helmet 15 15 10 10
Kayaking semi drytop 20 12 9 5
Paddle Float 10 8 5 5
Bilge Pump 10 8 5 5
Throwbag 10 8 5 5
Roof rack cradles 10 10 10 10
Inflatable Roofracks 10 10 10 10


If you require hire for more than 20 days contact us for a quote. Prices include GST


We require a minimum of 48 hours notice to reschedule or refund if you need to change or cancel your hire. A $40 administration fee applies to any cancellations within 7 days of your hire date. This does not apply to Coast to Coast hires, please see our Coast to Coast kayak hire for details.

If kayaks or gear are returned broken - we will charge you for the repair. If it cannot be repaired we will charge you for a replacement. We expect you to look after the kayaks and gear as if it was your own, if not better, after all if you respect and look after the gear, it will look after you.

If kayaks or gear is returned to us in a state which doesn't allow the next customer to take it away and be happy to use it because of unwashed, unclean, parts removed etc, we will charge you a cleaning fee of $25 per item. This includes a didymo cleaning fee and mud/sand on kayaks.