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Propelz Eco Paddle

In Stock
Propelz Eco Alloy two piece   Paddle Drip Rings   A good all-round paddle for general use.   ...

Originz Kaituna Paddle

In Stock
The Kaituna is our more radical paddle designed for white water, surf and rodeo paddling.   ...

Originz Mohaka Paddle

In Stock
The Mohaka has an asymmetrical blade which gives you greater performance and hold in the whitewat...

Originz Nevis Bluff

In Stock
The Nevis paddle is designed for white water, surf and rodeo paddling. The Nevis paddle provides ...

Children's One-Piece Paddle

No Stock
Product Description Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene Drip Rings, sealed blades & sha...

Originz Nevis Bluff 3 piece split paddle

In Stock
The Nevis paddle is designed for white water. The Nevis paddle provides great power and acceleration...

AT Eddy Flexi (blue)

$619.00 $526.00
In Stock
So what’s the best all around paddle for whitewater boating? Is there one blade, preferably foam cor...

PaddlerZone Carbon SUP Paddle

In Stock
Carbon SUP Paddle Blade Size: 50.5X24.5cm / 44.4X21.5cm Assembled Weight: 670+/-30g  / 65...

AdventureZone Carbon Greenland Paddle

Greenland paddle  Total Length: 220cm Blade width: 7.8cm Weight: 700g. Material: Ca...

Coloured Touring Paddle COPT-01

In Stock
This paddle is great for recreational & touring for long distance on lakes, inlets & estuari...

Waka Red Carbon with Oval Bent shaft 133cm

In Stock
  Material: Carbon Fiber  Color: Red Car...

NRS Foam Paddle Float

In Stock
A paddle float is an essential piece of safety gear. The NRS Foam Paddle Float secures easily to ...
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