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Gull Custom P Series Paddle

Beautifully finished and sporting our attractive Red Beech Palm Grip, this rugged paddle satisfies t...

Hauraki Gulf Paddle

The Hauraki Gulf paddle provides excellent power and control for those paddlers wanting explosive an...

Northwest Paddle

The Northwest Passage paddles dihedral (V-shaped) blade offers smooth and effortless performance so ...

Resolution Paddle

The Resolution paddle is our smallest touring paddle, perfect for smaller paddlers and windy conditi...

Waikato Paddle

The Waikato paddle is suited to lake, river and moderate open water paddling excursions due to its a...


$239.00 $199.00
The moderately sized fiberglass reinforced nylon blade and fiberglass shaft deliver durability while...

Coloured Sport Paddle - COSP-01

Blade Size: 47.5X18cm Surface Area: 685cm2 Assembled Weight: 780+/-30g  (fiberglass blade...

Children's One-Piece Paddle

Product Description Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene Drip Rings, sealed blades & sha...

Originz Nevis Bluff 3 piece split paddle

The Nevis paddle is designed for white water. The Nevis paddle provides great power and acceleration...

PaddlerZone Carbon SUP Paddle

Carbon SUP Paddle Blade Size: 50.5X24.5cm / 44.4X21.5cm Assembled Weight: 670+/-30g  / 65...

AdventureZone Carbon Greenland Paddle

Greenland paddle  Total Length: 220cm Blade width: 7.8cm Weight: 700g. Material: Ca...

Coloured Touring Paddle COPT-01

This paddle is great for recreational & touring for long distance on lakes, inlets & estuari...
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