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Barracuda Interface

In Stock
INTERFACE – THE NEXT GENERATION Now that the paddling public has been spoiled by Barracuda’s ligh...

Nylon Saddle and Screws

Nylon Saddle measures 35mm Price is for 1 x Nylon Saddle plus 2 x S/S Self Tapping Screws (no pre...

Drain Bung for Dagger, Wavesport and Liquid Logic kayaks

If you have a Dagger, Wavesport or Liquid Logic white water kayak and used to have a bung in the bac...

Barracuda AR Duo

In Stock
The star in the Barracuda Kayaks family is the  Adventure Racing Duo (otherwise known as the A ...

Barracuda Duo Expedition

Here is a Duo kayak from the makers of the AR Duo, with a few changes to make it suitable for commer...

Toggle Rope handle

A large number of kayaks have a handle at the bow and stern  Many of these handles have a ro...

Back Brace Barracuda and multiple other kayaks

Here is a replacement back band out of a kayak. They come brand new in Barracuda Sea kayaks but w...

Barracuda Enigma

In Stock
Free Cockpit cover with this Kayak Enigma  –  Now that the paddling public has been ...

Stainless Steel Saddle

These stainless steel saddles are a great alternative to plastic saddles in higher stress situa...

D Buckle Seat/Strap mounting point

Here is a D Buckle mount. Commonly found on Sit on Top kayaks as a way to attach your seat to the...
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