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Barracuda Enigma

Free Cockpit cover with this Kayak Enigma  –  Now that the paddling public has been ...

Drain Bung for Dagger, Wavesport and Liquid Logic kayaks

In Stock
If you have a Dagger, Wavesport or Liquid Logic white water kayak and used to have a bung in the ...

Pyranha replacement Drain bung

In Stock
If you have lost your drain bung / plug for your Pyranha white water kayak, here is your replacem...

Dagger Hip Pad set for Contour Ergo outfitting

In Stock
Here are the replacement hip pads which come out of the Dagger USA Contour Ergo outfitting equipe...

Mission replacement handle Grey rubber

In Stock
Here is the Grey rubber handles found on Mission sea kayaks such as the Eco Bezhig, Contour/Paddl...

Solid molded handle

In Stock
Here is a solid handle.  Solid plastic and strong and easy to grap Holes are 15.5cm apart...

Dagger Axiom replacement seat slide disc

In Stock
The Dagger Axiom is a modern classic white water kayak. They have a great comfortable outfitt...

Back Brace Barracuda and multiple other kayaks

In Stock
Here is a replacement back band out of a kayak. They come brand new in Barracuda Sea kayaks but w...

QK Rudder pin

In Stock
QK sea kayaks have rudders. The pins pictured hold the rudder on and allow it to rotate to st...

D Buckle Seat/Strap mounting point

In Stock
Here is a D Buckle mount. Commonly found on Sit on Top kayaks as a way to attach your seat to...

Back brace ratchet straps

In Stock
The back brace system in many modern white water kayaks have ratchet back bands The adjustment ra...
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