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NRS 3mm Farmer John Wetsuit

In Stock
The NRS 3.0 Farmer John Wetsuit is a staple of gear bags around the world. Our most popular wetsuit,...

Hiko Conquest sea kayak top

In Stock
Hiko CONQUEST Paddle Jacket A paddle jacket made for expedition sea-kayaking, made of 4-layer ma...

NRS Endurance Splash Pants 2019

In Stock
Product Details Confidently paddle in less-than-ideal conditions with the waterproof, breathable ...

Hiko Oden 402 Drysuit

In Stock
A drysuit designed for white water use and for extreme conditions. It provides full body protection ...

NRS WaveLite Union Suit - Polartec®

In Stock
The battle between North and South in Long Underwear Land is over. Our WaveLite™ Shirt and WaveLite ...

NRS Youth KidSkin Shirt

No Stock
Protecting the core of the body is critical to heat retention. The NRS Youth KidSkin Shirt is a gre...

Palm Cascade Drysuit

In Stock
Cascade Suit An excellent multipurpose drysuit with no skimping on features. Diagonal TiZip f...

NRS Men's HydroSkin Shirt - L/S

In Stock
The HydroSkin™ shirt is warm by itself on moderately cool days, and makes an ideal mid-weight add...

Adrenalin 2P Thermo Short Sleeve Top

In Stock
2P Thermo  SHORT SLEEVE TOP   T...

Palm Zenith Long Sleeve Jacket

In Stock
Save your neck A midweight whitewater jacket with a comfy GlideSkin neck‚ made in XP 2.5-layer ...

Chums Orbiter Adjustable Retainer

In Stock
DESCRIPTION The OG of the Orbiter Retainers! Made of lightweight stainless steel, the O...

Chums Glass Float Universal

In Stock
DESCRIPTION The field-tested Universal Fit rope eyewear retainer is made with patented molded tip...
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