Smart Design. Different from a normal wetsuit. Stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing people, love this. With other garments, people that use their arms to paddle get a rash.

From a scuba diving point of view, we went from depth properties and thermal properties of the garment being good and it got to a point where it’s world beating. 

When we started we took inspiration from existing wetsuits. They used the same material on the outside as on the inside. Our first revision was to change the material on the inside. The fit became better and the soft, brushed lycra interior gave no rash. We used a Tri-laminate material. The exterior is super soft lycra, polyurethane center, and a soft fleece inner layer. This allows you to sweat, but it also protects you from wind chill. It’s a lot more forgiving on the shoulder area, longer in the torso, and keeps you warm.

Everything that you do, or everything that you wear must include room for a phone. It’s become second nature, like wearing a watch. Phones have become not just phones. They are clocks, and calendars too. Watersports need to accommodate phones. Otherwise, the user is uncomfortable. We put up with it, because we want to be able to communicate. However, the phone in your hand is unnatural for your body. We have made accommodations for that. We included a port because we want people to be able to use their hands. That’s where they can put their headphones. They don’t have to hold their phone.

Next, the angled zipper doesn’t put pressure on the Adams apple. We wanted supreme comfort with this garment.

Lastly, it was easy to wash.





Water Repellant Outer Treatment

Windproof Breathable PU Membrane

Soft-touch moisture wicking Fleece

4-Way Stretch Panels

Soft Touch brushed internal lining

High-Stretch Neoprene Neck

UV 50+ sun protection



YKK AquaGuard® water repellent zipper

Integrated Utility Pocket with Headphone port

Quick Adjust Waist System

Board short connection loop

Hi-vis reflective print

Angled Comfort Neck Seal

Re-usable Dry Bag Packaging

Male and Female (this listing is for the womens sizes)



The Fiord LS it a technical lightweight top that allows for full range of motion. It actually makes me feel stronger when paddling. It adds compression to my upper body/core that drives my paddle strokes. Easy all day wear. There is no uncomfortable bunching under the arms. Simple adjustments can be made with the stretchy material. The angled zipper and neck closure is super comfortable. Great design! The zipper slides nicely with one handed operation and the neck seals up comfortable with the Velcro closure. The soft interior is very comfortable next to skin with no abrasion or chaffing to report. The Fiord is warm. It is perfect protection for windy and foul weather situations and can integrate nicely into layering systems. Sheds rain water/spray and the materials dry quickly. The drop tail design is great and I can imagine it locking nicely with the Avon pant. There is no riding up the back while paddling. I like the internal pocket. It fits a compact dry wallet for a key, ID, etc. The Fiord LS is very comfortable when in use with a PFD/Lifejacket. The Enth-Degree branding makes this LS top seriously sporty- Looks Great! 

Brian Roche



Fiord Tops are made from Fernotherm3

Key Performance

-Fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill.

-Soft touch fleece for maximum comfort.

-Thermal heat retention properties keeping you warm.

-Wicks cool moisture away from the body.

-UV 50+ sun protection.


Outer Layer

Performance woven Nylon Lycra with water repellant treatment facilitates ease of movement, fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill. UV 50+.


Middle Layer

Windproof, breathable PU Membrane adhered with advanced dot lamination technique for optimum flexibility. Wicks cool moisture away from the body on the surface when dry. Traps warm water against the skin when wet. Stops surface wind-chill.


Inner Layer

385 g/m2 soft-touch fleece, offering superior comfort against the skin, moisture wicking characteristic and thermal heat retention properties keeping you warm, either wet or dry.

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