Averio Unisex Pant

They’re so good that our competitors have copied them.In a high activity sport like Kayaking or scuba diving, the main idea is that when you wear anything in combination with a top, that top can ride up, exposing the kidney area. We felt it is important to keep that area covered.

We gave a pair to a kite surfer, and he was raving about the high waisted area, because it protected the kidney and lower back area from a harness rash.

High waist is important for kite surfing shorts and sports where people are wearing a top that’s connected to a pant.

This is a versatile option for warm water diving. You can couple the pant with a vest or long sleeve top, keeping the legs warm. This garment adds some variety to the exposure kit. 

Why angled seams? 

The angles seams provide the ultimate anatomical cut. We want them to not only look good but fit well and function well. We’ve used some anatomical patent designs to make sure the pants fit snug. Wearing them snug is the way they are designed to be worn

Between dives you come up and sometimes even take your wetsuit off and hang it up to let it dry. Aviero users found is that they could just leave it on between dives because it is quick dry and breathable, so I didn’t overheat. You can take bthe top off and be totally comfortable





Water Repellant Outer Treatment

Windproof Breathable PU Membrane

Soft-touch moisture wicking Fleece

Nylon Lycra leg seals

High-Stretch Neoprene Waist

UV 50+ sun protection



Long and Short cuts available

Midriff Ride-up Lycra Panel

Non-slip Neoprene Waist Band

Integrated Utility Pocket

Hi-vis reflective print

Re-usable Dry Bag Packaging

Unisex panel designs



The high waist design is what makes these shorts great because when you’re wearing a kiteboarding harness, the material doesn’t move underneath making this super comfortable. This means no more rashes from the constant rubbing of the harness! It’s great that the Aviero shorts don’t rise up or down during movement.The fabric is comfortable, warm stretchy and doesn’t restrict movement.Sand doesn’t penetrate the fabric like some other wetsuits I’ve had. That’s definitely a bonus.


Aveiro pants are made from Fernotherm3

Key Performance

-Fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill.

-Soft touch fleece for maximum comfort.

-Thermal heat retention properties keeping you warm.

-Wicks cool moisture away from the body.

-UV 50+ sun protection.


Outer Layer

Performance woven Nylon Lycra with water repellant treatment facilitates ease of movement, fast water run-off, quick drying and anti wind-chill. UV 50+.


Middle Layer

Windproof, breathable PU Membrane adhered with advanced dot lamination technique for optimum flexibility. Wicks cool moisture away from the body on the surface when dry. Traps warm water against the skin when wet. Stops surface wind-chill.


Inner Layer

385 g/m2 soft-touch fleece, offering superior comfort against the skin, moisture wicking characteristic and thermal heat retention properties keeping you warm, either wet or dry.


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