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Hiko Zephyr Short Sleeve

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Hiko ZEPHYR Short Sleeve Paddle Jacket This lightweight paddle jacket is perfect for performa...

Chums Original Cotton Glass Retainer

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DESCRIPTION The easily adjustable Chums Original retainer is the product that put us on the map. ...

Enth Degree Fiord Long Sleeve -Womens

In Stock
Smart Design. Different from a normal wetsuit. Stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing peop...

Hiko Oden 402 Drysuit

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A drysuit designed for white water use and for extreme conditions. It provides full body protection ...

Chums Neoprene Classic Glasses Retainer

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DESCRIPTION Neoprene Chums are a favorite of river rats, beach bums and anyone that spends t...

Chums Glass Float Classic 12131

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DESCRIPTION Since being introduced in the early 90’s the Glassfloat Classic 12131 has been a fan ...

Chums Glass Float Neo Mega

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DESCRIPTION The Neo Megafloat, our highest-rated floating eyewear retainer, fits most frames. Inc...

Chums Orbiter Adjustable Retainer

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DESCRIPTION The OG of the Orbiter Retainers! Made of lightweight stainless steel, the O...

Chums Glass Float Universal

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DESCRIPTION The field-tested Universal Fit rope eyewear retainer is made with patented molded tip...

Rasdex Neoprene Skullcap

In Stock
A close fitting cap under your paddling helmet is perfect for keeping the heat in.   ...

Kokatat Swift Entry Hydrus Drysuit

In Stock
TheThe Kokatat Hydrus Swift entry drysuit is the best entry level drysuit with economy in mind. AND…...

Day Two Coaster Paddle Jacket

$179.00 $143.20
In Stock
DayTwo ‘Coaster’ jacket. Perfect for Coast to coast, kayak fleets and general kayaking. The ‘C...
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